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RT Data
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NSE F&O RT Data: NSE F&O RT Data - 12 months (365 days) (+ Rs21,758.79); NSE F&O RT Data - 6 months (180 days) (+ Rs12,239.10); NSE F&O RT Data - 3 months (90 days) (+ Rs6,459.12); NSE F&O RT Data - 2 months (60 days) (+ Rs4,533.00); NSE F&O RT Data - 1 month (30 days)

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In case you already have AmiBroker with you and wish to have only RT data from us, you should choose this product.

RT Data means Realtime data. We supply realtime, tick-by-tick data of Futures & Options Segment of NSE.

Features of the data sent are as follows...

  • Data directly from NSE Servers. We are authorised distributor of National Stock Exchange of India for the data (through our sister concern Global Financial Datafeeds LLP).
  • Low latency realtime data with ultrafast delivery.  True tick-by-tick data with time-stamp of 1 sec.
  • Futures & Options of all months, of all stocks / indices and for all strike rates are available (limit of 200 symbol viewing at a time).
  • Total number of scrips cross 36,000+. As an example, just for symbol NIFTY, total number of scrips cross 900+.#
  • Intraday history of 1month (1min format) and EOD History of 1 year (from 01.01.2010) is available for all symbols.
  • You can search and add scrips directly from our servers in AmiBroker.
  • Sufficient redundancy at all levels to ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of data during market hours.
  • The data contains Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Open Interest, Bid, Bid Size, Ask, Ask Size, Trade Size, Change and % Change for all symbols.
  • Data is highly accurate - all scrips report exact values for all these fields. Candles once formed do not change after relogin / next day.
  • Data comes directly into AmiBroker - the renowned and   widely respected advanced Technical Analysis and Charting Software.
  • Data is downloaded simultaneously for all the symbols so you can Scan or Explore in AmiBroker in realtime.
  • All data stays in AmiBroker - only incremental data is downloaded from servers on login.
  • No need to connect to internet / login to our servers during off-market hours for  Scanning / Exploration.
  • Data with no gaps - irrespective of when you start your PC, the data will always be continuous without any gaps (backfill is entirely automatic).
  • Intraday Data of entire F&O Segment of NSE (1minute format) is sent to all users after market hours by email.
  • You can import historical data provided by us in realtime database - thus making larger historical data available than 1month history provided by our servers.
  • Single click support directly from application - just click on Contact Live Support link in the application DashBoard.

You may choose for any duration in multiples of months.
Select the appropriate no. of months from drop down list box titled 'RT Data' from above.

Important Notes :
1. We normally send registration mail within 2-3 hours during market hours, after order confirmation. During non-market hours, please allow 24 hours so as to start your subscription.
2. Legend for calculation of subscription :
    1 month = 30 days.
    2 months - 60 days.
    3 months = 90 days.
    6 months = 180 days.
    12 months = 365 days.