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Disclaimer - ACE Nifty Futures Trading System

Disclaimer - ACE Nifty Futures Trading System

Use of this website ( and/or products / services offered by us indicates your acceptance to our Disclaimer (this document which you are reading now). By buying our product and using it, you are confirming that you have read this disclaimer and fully agree to it.

This Software (ACE Nifty Futures Trading System) is a Trialware. It means that you should try it from all aspects and all angles during trial period before making a decision to buy it. Please note that we do not provide any refunds on any orders and all sales are final.

The trading signals generated by ACE Nifty Futures Trading System are purely as per our viewpoint and there is no guarantee on the returns. Please note that WE ARE NOT FINANCIAL ADVISORS. All the visitors are requested to apply their prudence and consult their financial advisor before acting on any of the recommendations by this ACE Nifty Futures Trading System or any of its mode. Neither nor any of its promoters, members, or employees hold any responsibility of any losses incurred (if any) by acting on the Buy-Sell-Short-Cover Signals generated by this system.

It is presumed that you are  well aware of the high volatility of the stock market. Trading in stock market, especially in Futures and Options is considered as high risk business. You can lose some or all of your capital. We strongly advise against trading on borrowed capital. We advise to Trade with only that part of your own money which you can afford to lose (risk capital).

All information and reports at are only information for registered users and these ARE NOT to be construed as individualized recommendations to buy or sell securities  / equities / shares of any sort. Also please note that we DO NOT offer to buy or sell in securities / equities / shares of any sort.

ACE Nifty Futures Trading System is a software product with the sole intention to aid users to take decisions and it shares experience and views of our team. Investment in equity shares has its own risks and trading as per signals generated in the software is at trader's sole discretion. does not guarantee any accuracy of generation while giving this facility nor does it guarantee that you will earn using ACE Nifty Futures Trading System.

We are not responsible for any wrong and / or no signal generation due to faulty or incorrect data flowing in your system or because of errors on your system or even otherwise, part  of which includes but not limited to inadequate or old Operating System’s Libraries and components, viruses, Trojans, etc. present in your system.  

Signal Generation in AmiBroker is immediate but also depends on speed of data delivery. If data flows into AmiBroker slowly / delayed for whatever reasons, the signal generation will vary accordingly. Speed of data flow into your system is beyond our control and we will not be responsible in any ways for losses incurred due to delayed / slow data.

Although we will inform you about any changes, important announcements on any part of the system or any material contained on this site, the delivery of such information is not guaranteed. The sole medium of communication in all such events will be by email to your registered email id. We will not be responsible for non-delivery of such emails due to any reasons including but not limited to blocking by your servers, SPAM filters, insufficient quota, incorrect email id given at the time of registration, etc. as well as any losses occurred due to non-delivery of these messages. You are advised to check the same on our website once in 2 days.

Although this system has been rigorously tested on all mentioned OS Platforms under most conditions, we cannot guarantee working of the same at your end even if you are using same OS and other configurations as mentioned under ‘Requirements’ section. We advise you to use the system in demo mode, check for its suitability for your purpose before purchasing for it. Under no circumstances the subscription amount paid will be refunded.

We have the right to discontinue/change our services at any time with/without any notice /reason. In such a case, if you have already paid for the future period, the remaining amount will be refunded to you on pro-rata basis, with zero percent interest. No refund will be possible on 'Lifetime Edition' of ACE Nifty Futures Trading System.

All Disputes are subject to Nashik Jurisdiction (State : Maharashtra, India) only

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