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Are you looking for
AmiBroker with trading system... that is, AmiBroker with automatic Buy-Sell arrows ?

AmiBroker does not have any trading strategy built in the basic program i.e. AmiBroker is not shipped pre-configured with any trading system showing automatic Buy-Sell arrows. However, AmiBroker can show Buy-Sell arrows based on any criteria during live market hours. You may make use of following to have Buy-Sell Arrows in your copy of AmiBroker. Your options are :

Make use of
AmiBroker AFL Library (available only to registered users of AmiBroker from October 2009 onwards) :

You can make use of various trading systems posted at AmiBroker AFL Library. These systems trigger Buy-Sell when particular conditions develop while trading real-time. You can also make use of AmiBroker Users Community to discuss and share trading systems which are not visible to non-registered users.

Make use of various online forums / Code Libraries :

There are many active groups of AmiBroker traders at various public / private forums. Many users post their trading systems for discussions / distribute them for free in these forums. You can make use of them. Some of the very active forums / code libraries are :

Make use of AFL Code Wizard :

AmiBroker comes with an optional product, AFL Code Wizard. This wizard lets you write your trading system in simple english-like sentences and then converts it into appropriate formula in the background so that you do not have to learn AFL i.e. AmiBroker Formula Language. If you are using trial version of AmiBroker, you can check its functioning from menu Analysis>>AFL Code Wizard.

Contact :

Depending on availability of time, also offer AFL writing or custom programming services. Please visit for more details.

Make use of ACE Nifty Futures Trading System :

We have introduced ACE Nifty Futures Trading System which gives automatic Buy-Sell-Short-Cover signals during live market (real-time) with stoploss levels. To know more about its features, performance reports and download trial, Click Here.

Make use of our professional AFL writing services :

We are busy with current assignments and hence AFL writing services are currently not available - 27th May, 2014

You may email us with your requirements and we will write AFL for your trading system. We will need to know every aspect of your trading system before we can submit a firm quote and delivery period.

The Scope :

  • We write AFLs (the code) based on your requirements explained in plain english. The AFL so written can be used to Scan, Explore, Backtest or Optimize business logic / trading system as per user's requirements.
  • We can also convert AFL into DLL so that business logic of the AFL is hidden from the viewer and at the same time, is available across entire AmiBroker platform in all AFLs. The source code of the DLL so converted will be sent alongwith converted DLL.
  • We can also add Trial Features, License Management, Subscription Management and Protection to the DLL. The DLL so written can work in trial mode for pre-defined period from date of first usage on user's computer after which it expires if not subscription is paid. The DLL will have 24X7X365 activation servers for automatic subscription management. The source code for dll so converted will NOT BE AVAILABLE - only source code of plain DLL (without license management) can be given.
  • We won't be able to convert code programs written for other charting platforms in other languages. Explaination in plain english is the first and only requirement to write custom AFLs.
  • We do not debug already written AFLs.
  • We do write AFLs for Automated Trading for NESTPlus API of Omnesys Technologies which should work with brokers using Omnesys's NEST Trader Trading Platform.

The process :

  • After your initial mail, we send you a detailed questionaire to understand the requirements (if the details given by you are incomplete).
  • Once we understand your requirements completely, we will send you firm quotation with delivery period indication.
  • Once you approve the prices, we will need 50% of the amount to start the work.
  • Once the work is completed, an online demo will be arranged to show the functioning of your AFL. After the successful demonstration online, remaining amount will be paid by you on receipt of which, the AFL is sent to you over email.
  • Please note that we may ask you additional information as the work progresses further about those things which were not revealed initially.

Delivery Period : Delivery period depends on the current load and complexity of your AFL. With quotation, we send you delivery period indication as well. Normally,it can be 1~2 weeks for normal AFL and 3~4 weeks for DLL.

Price : After understanding your requirements, we quote you a fixed cost for completing your project. The charges include understanding your requirements and designing the solution, actual code writing, testing and verification, deployment at user's end and support over email regarding usage. On broad level, the pricing is as follows :

  • Converting the algorithm to AFL (AFL writing) : Rs.8,000/- onwards. (fixed onetime cost)
  • Migrating business logic to DLL from existing AFL Code (so that no one can see it) : Rs.50,000/- onwards. (fixed onetime cost)
  •  Adding protection and trial / subscription management features to existing DLL : Rs.1,00,000/- (fixed onetime cost)
  •  Maintaining users, their trials and online activations through a 24X7X365 dedicated server on ongoing basis : Rs.200/- per user per month OR Rs.5000/- per month (whichever is higher).

Alterations and additions : Any change / addition in the specifications of your AFL after commencement of work may attract additional charges. The same will be conveyed to you / should be acceptable to you explicitely before working on them.

Mode of communication : To avoid confusion, all information is to be communicated over email ONLY.

Confidentiality : We will work in strictest confidence and will not use your trading system for our own trading or will not pass on the same to any other person, apart from our programmers team. 

Lastly, in case we are not able to deliver the AFL as per your requirement, we will return back the advance amount taken from you (without any interest).

What to include while writing to us ?

Kindly include following in your mail so that we understand your system better and provide firm pricing with delivery period.

- Type of AFL

  • Chart / Indicator only
  • Exploration
  • Trading System (Buy-Sell arrows)
  • Custom Backtesting / Optimization

- AmiBroker Edition & Version
- Specific time-frame for which AFL should be written or generic for all time frames
- If the AFL is Exploration then any extra columns that should be shown

If AFL is for trading System then

  • Definition of Signals i.e. when Buy / Sell / Short / Cover should be triggered (write as much as details as you can (and ALL details) so that we understand your trading rules better)
  • Basis for these signals i.e. Open, High, Low, Close or Average value
  • Range for user-defined parameters (which you can change from Parameters window) and their default values
  • Basic Chart Display Style - background colour, up candle - down candle colour, style (candlesticks, bars, points, etc.)
  • Preferred default colours for any plots / values
If AFL is for custom Backtesting then
  • Details of the custom backtest to be carried out
  • Any user-defined columns to be added to the custom backtest reports

If AFL is for Optimization then
  • Parameter(s) to be optimized and the range for them alongwith their default values
  • Trading Strategy in which above-optimized parameter(s) are used
  • Target of the Optimization e.g. the trading system should be optimized for giving maximum % of Profits or minimum Trade Drawdown.... so on and so forth

Example of how you should specify your AFL requirement

Example 1 :

My AFL requirement is an exploration which when run, it should explore some particular sector and rank stocks under that sector as per their performance. For this purpose, I will be storing stocks belonging to a particular sector under their respective sector. Here, by performance, I mean change in their Closing Price in % for selected period. I want to choose the period of comparison as per my choice. This period can be anywhere between 1 to 200 days and default comparison value is 7 days. This exploration will be done on EOD data.

I use AmiBroker Professional Edition and my version is 5.2.

Example 2 :

My AFL requirement is for an indicator + Trading System based on this indicator. 

The Indicator : This indicator (Force Index) should plot the difference between todays close and yesterdays close multiplied by today's volume as histogram in a separate window below main price chart. The colour of each histogram line will be determined by whether today's close is less than or greater than yesterdays close (green if greater else red).

The Trading System : I want to Buy when the above indicator is less than zero and shows divergence with price i.e. price closes lower than previous bar but the indicator shows smaller histogram line than the previous line and the colour of that line should be green. Exactly reverse will be used to Sell i.e. when price increases further whereas the indicator value is lower with current line colour as red. I want buy and sell arrows plotted on my indicator as well as my price chart for Buy-Sell conditions. I want to use Sell condition for Short and Buy condition for Cover. Close value is to be used in above trading system.

I basically trade in 5-min time frame but I want this system to work in all time frames i.e. it should show signals in all time frames. I use AmiBroker Professional and version is 5.1.

Example 3 :

I have a requirement of optimization to be done. I want to Buy on positive crossover of exponential moving average and sell on negative crossover of same average. The default values are 3 and 10. I want to optimize value of 3 and 10 in such a way that my profit % is maximum. The range for 3 is from 2 to 12 and range for 10 is from 5 to 25. Kindly let me know the optimized pair of these values so that my profit % is maximum.

I trade in Mini Nifty Futures only and I want you to optimize the values for 5-min time-frame of Nifty current month futures. My initial capital is Rs.5,00,000/- and I can keep maximum 2 open positions at any point of time. Margin % I get from my broker is 12.5% i.e. I pay 12.5% of toal lot value. Lot size is 20.

I want you to optimize the system using as much of historical data as you can. Data will be sent to you once you confirm the possibility with delivery period and pricing. My name and contact details are as follows.......

I use AmiBroker Standard Edition and my version is 5.0

Wishing Happy & Safe Investing and Trading !!

Download ACE Nifty Futures Trading System Trial
Download ACE Nifty Futures Trading System Trial

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