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AmiBroker Version 5.70 launched !!!


AmiBroker Version 5.60 launched !!!


AmiBroker Version 5.40 launched !!!


Realtime Data Services for NSE - F&O Launched !!!

Realtime Data Services for NSE F&O - launched !!!

We are pleased to announce launch of realtime data services for NSE (F&O Segment) though our new company Global Financial Datafeeds LLP, today.

ACE Nifty Futures Trading System Version 1.1 launched !!!

Version 1.1 is compatible with AmiBroker's latest version 5.30. It also has some enhancements like facility to close position daily, alerts in human voice, live update feature. The trial period is also extended to 7 calendar days now.

AmiBroker Version 5.30 launched !!!


ACE Nifty Futures Trading System launched !!!

In response to the various requests received to have a readymade Trading Strategy in AmiBroker, we have launched ACE Nifty Futures Trading System for AmiBroker.


AFL Writing Services launched !!!

Have a Trading Strategy but do not have time / resources to code your strategy in AFL (AmiBroker Formula Language) ? Leave that job to us. Professional AFL Writing Services launched.

New Videos launched !!!

View & download videos for installation of AmiBroker, installation and integration of real-time data from Yahoo, ODIN and PIB for AmiBroker, general as well as advanced features of AmiBroker... and many more

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AmiBroker Version 5.20 Launched


EOD / RT Data Feed for NSE/BSE/MCX available from various FREE / PAID Services.

7 Day real-time Data trial also available.

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ACE Nifty Futures Trading System for AmiBroker
ACE Nifty Futures Trading System for AmiBroker

Click Here to view Equity Curve - from 
01/10/2005 till date
Click Here to view Equity Curve - from 
01/04/2009 till date

ACE Nifty Futures Trading System - Statistics
(including Backtest Period)

Backtest Period : From October 2005 upto March 2009 (42 months)
Actual Trading Period : From April 2009 till May 2016 (85 months)

ACE Nifty Futures Trading System - Statistics
(Trading Period ONLY)

Actual Trading Period : From April 2009 till May 2016 (85 months)

 Symbol Nifty Current Month Future Symbol Nifty Current Month Future
 Exchange National Stock Exchange of India Exchange National Stock Exchange of India
 Exchange 5 minutes Exchange 5 minutes
 Investment 2 Lots of 50 each Investment 2 Lots of 50 each
 Method Always invest 2 lots only (non-cumulative) Method Always invest 2 lots only (non-cumulative)
 Start Date 01/10/2005 Start Date 01/04/2009
 End Date 31/05/2016 End Date 31/05/2016
 Starting Capital 100000 INR Starting Capital 100000 INR
 Ending Capital 1816159 INR Ending Capital 976429 INR
 Total Profit 1716159 INR Total Profit 876429 INR
 No. of Trades 3035 No. of Trades 1848
 Brokerage Brokerage is not considered. You will need to deduct it suitably from above profit because it varies. Brokerage Brokerage is not considered. You will need to deduct it suitably from above profit because it varies.
 Backtest ReportClick Here Backtest ReportClick Here
 Equity CurveClick Here Equity CurveClick Here
 Trade ListClick Here Trade List Click Here
 Monthwise Performance Report (April 2007 onwards) Click Here (pdf)
 Monthwise Performance Report (April 2007 onwards) Click Here (pdf)
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Features :

  • A complete trading system showing you automatic Buy-Sell-Short-Cover signals alongwith stoploss levels in real time.
  • Audio and Visual Alerts.
  • Stoploss is pre-loaded with optimum value for maximum profit with least practical drawdown.
  • Dynamically updated Resistance-Support Levels.
  • Simple to use interface. Just concentrate on one small window in your chart which gets dynamically updated everytime data arrives. It displays values such as :
    • Current Action to be taken (Buy-Sell-Short-Cover-Relax)
    • Value at which current action is triggered
    • Quantity (customizable - depends on your settings)
    • Current Market Price
    • Stoploss Value
    • Profit / Loss in current open position

  • What this trading system WILL DO for you ?
    • Minimise whipsaws and reduce no. of signals
    • Reduce amount spent on brokerage
    • Overall cosistent earning

  • What this trading system WILL NOT DO for you ?
    • Buy entries at bottom and Short entries at top - This is a trend following system and hence it does not trigger entries before a trend is confirmed.
    • The exits are only by trailing stoploss or signal in opposite direction and hence you will never be able to Sell at top or Cover at bottom.
    • This is not a high frequency trading system.
    • This is not a contrarian trading system.
    • This is not a target based trading system.
    • This is not a 'always in the market' trading system. At times if condition is not suitable, user does not hold any open position in the market.
    • If you are looking for an intraday trading system which closes all open positions at the end of the day - this trading system is not for you. If the trend continues, you will be expected to keep the position open overnight. There is always a risk of market opening in opposite direction on next day but historical results have shown that most of the times gaps work in favour of this trading system.


Objective of the System (very important) :

The System is designed with prime objective of protecting capital and maintaining consistent Equity Curve. Profit generation IS NOT the System Design Parameter. I know this statement will shock a many but if they understand how stock market works and read about stories of failures of many big-wigs, they will find substance in my statement above.

Because System is designed to protect the capital and generate exit signal at slightest hint of problem, many a times during volatile market you will see lot of exits and re-entries are taken. Because of the same reason, System may generate losses in series (which is evident from Performance Report). But overall if you see, this helps in protecting your capital as well as let it grow in bull or bear phase (which is evident from the Equity Curve).

Look at the Equity Curve from October 2005 to May 2016. We witnessed strong rallies and a sharp declines during these periods. ACE Nifty Futures Trading System was able to take advantage both (the rally as well as decline) and helped growth of capital consistently.

Screenshots :

Advantages :

  • The System will get installed in your PC in your AmiBroker.
  • No need to wait anxiously for the SMS and worry if you will receive SMS on time when it should.
  • Seeing is beliving. See the price action on chart yourself.
  • Instant Action can be taken. In approx. 5 sec. once signal is generated, you should take / close your position (with whatever profit/loss) - at market price (this is how we trade).
  • Personalized System : The System comes pre-loaded with default optimum values of stoploss but people with less / higher apetite for loss can modify their system without programming. The signals will be generated / changed as per your new stoploss parameters and instantly visible in AmiBroker.
  • If you need further confirmations, you can use your own indicators for double-check. This is however not recommended as 2 drivers can surely make an accident !!

Caveats / disadvantages :

  • Even when there is a clear uptrend / downtrend, multiple exits and re-entries are taken.

    Our View :
    • Because the prime objective of the system is to protect capital first, you may see this happening on many occasions. Please do not forget that a clear trend is known only when you are seeing historical data with signals :-). When you are trading at the extreme right edge of the chart with no future data, survival and protection of capital should be the first aspects, we feel. Like they say Live Today, Fight Tomorrow !!!

    • With brokerages coming sgnificantly down in recent times, multiple entries / exits need not be a cause of worry or System Design Parameter, we feel.

  • Sometimes, entries are late and by the time we enter, it is too late.

    Our View
    • Yes. This is a short-coming in the present system. This does not happen on break-outs but happens especially when there is too much of volatality during the day. We are working toward developing a better strategy to counter such scenarios. As of writing this on 07.06.2009, this problem is addressed to maximum possible extent. Now the entries happen much earlier on choppy days as compared to previous version.

Requirements for ACE Nifty Futures Trading System :

  • AmiBroker Standard, Professional OR Ultimate Pack Pro Version 5.20 upto 6.00 (registered as well as trial version) - 32bit. We have tried our level best for backward compatibility but certain features may not be available in prior version. If you are user of pervious version of AmiBroker, please download trial of this program and test it thoroughly before subscribing for it. Also, since Beta versions / Release Canditates (RC1, RC2, etc.) are not permanent versions, we advice you to run ACE-NTS only in stable releases.

  • Nifty Futures Live Data Feed : We are pleased to inform you that we have launched our own direct data service for NSE F&O Segment from August 2010. For more details, please see : 3 days of free data trial is also available for all new users.

    Data feed of NSE Cash (Spot) WILL NOT work. We need data feed of  Current Month Futures of Nifty (NIFTY-I) ONLY for system to generate correct results.

  • Details of live data:
    • Live data of NSE-Nifty Futures Current Month with no delay
    • NSE Symbol : FUTIDX. Underlying : NIFTY.
    • Chart Interval - 5min
  • Capital Requirement - 2 Lots of Nifty (currently 50 nos) with necessary buffer of at least Rs.30,000/- excluding brokerage per lot (this is over and above margin requirement of the broker).

  • Historical Data : At least 15 days of historical data is recommended for System to generate correct signals.
  • Operating System : Windows 98 / 2000 / NT / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8. (32 bit / 64 bit). If your Operating System is other than above, do install trial version of both AmiBroker and ACE Nifty Futures Trading System in your system and check it before subscribing.

  • Internet Connection : The Trading System will not be loaded unless you are connected to internet. Even if you wish to see AmiBroker charts during non-trading hours, you have to connect to internet while starting AmiBroker. If you don't, AmiBroker will start but ACE Nifty Futures System will not be loaded. Next time when you start AmiBroker with internet connection ON, it will load the trading system as usual.

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Runtime - You will also need Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Runtime for running ACE Nifty Futures Trading System Plugin in AmiBroker. - this is available for download free of cost from Microsoft's website. You may download it from here (downloads directly from Microsoft's website) OR here (downloads from our website)  ~1.7 mb

How System Works :
  • The ACE Nifty Futures Trading System is a user-friendly mechanism to help you take your trading decisions. It gets installed into AmiBroker with pre-defined settings which user need not modify. In other words, you may start using AmiBroker in normal mode and just concentrate on trading signals, forgetting everything else.

  • The system generates visual signals (arrows on charts), visual alerts (in Alert window) and audible alerts (sound signals) when Buy-Sell-Short-Cover signals are triggered.

  • Important : The chart interval must always be 5min. This system is configured and fine-tuned for 5min chart interval of Nifty-I futures. Although it will still generate signals on other time intervals and other symbols, it is not at all recommended. You may incurr losses and face unpredictable results on other symbols / other time intervals.

  • Once system triggers to take a fresh position (say Buy), it shows you the stoploss level for that position. You then place order with your normal ordering routes. If the stock moves in favourable direction, the stoploss level is increased (trailing stoploss). You are then required to modify your stoploss level mentally. Only if the 5minute candle closes and next candle is started with previous candle showing Sell indicator on your chart, you square off your position. This is so because many a times, stoploss is broken when candle is still filling up but when it is completed, the close is well above your stoploss level. Do not square off your position hastily. Also DO NOT wait for 'best bargain' after Signal is triggered.

  • You are supposed to take ALL CALLS generated by the system. On any day (flat / volatile / trending), system generally does not generate more than 2 trades. In 128 months (October 2005 to May 2016), ACE Nifty Futures Trading System generated 3035 calls which gives an average of 1.07 calls per day. A call means a set (Buy & Sell OR Short & Cover).

What is so special about your Trading System ?

As time passes, market participants change. Many get wiped out, many fresh come in, many seasoned pros change their trading style. All this reflect in the way market responds to a particular scenario. This response can vary as time passes. We have introduced some key parameters in the trading system altering which, we can fine-tune our system and bring it in sync with current market mood. We continuously monitor the market for the change and make alterations wherever necessary to these parameters. If required, we may add new strategy to tackle the current market. Users will always be informed about the new system over email so that they can update their system and ensure that they are always trading with the latest set of rules.

Current Parameters :

In response to the change in the market sentiments, the Trading System Parameters were last changed on 07.06.2009. For user convenience, we will be launching new version whenever there is a change in market sentiments, saving users from having to do this manually.

Change Log :

Trading System Parameters changed on 07.06.2009 - 16:57 PM
Trading System Parameters changed on 26.04.2009 - 11:52 PM
Trading System Parameters introduced on 28.03.2009 - 10:00 AM
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Subscription Charges :


Charges in Indian Rs.

Fully functional 7 calendar days trial
1 month (30 days)

3 months (90 days)

6 months (180 days)
Rs. 15,000/-

1 year (365 days)
Rs. 25,000/-

Lifetime Edition (pay once for lifetime ownership)

All users get NIFTY-I data in 5min format from October 2005 upto last finished month free. Also optionally, we can set  your AmiBroker with correct backtester Settings through Remote Desktop (so that you can backtest and verify the reports displayed on our website).

Rs. 45,000/-
Buy Online using Debit / Credit Card | Pay by Cheque / Cash / Netbanking to our Bank Account
Distributors - please Click Here for more details.

All subscribers of ACE-NTS Lifetime Edition will also receive 5min data of NIFTY-I (current month Futures) from October 2005 upto last finished month. Optionally, we can also set correct backtester settings in your AmiBroker through remote desktop so that the results in your AmiBroker exactly match with our reports published on our website Here.

How to subscribe :

  • Cash / Cheque / Net Banking to our bank account. Click Here to see our bank details.
  • Buy online using your Credit / Debit Card.
    • Go to Products Section, select the desired subscription period and complete the payment online.

Once payment is done, download the Activation Request Form, fill in the details and mail it to us at

All details like bank account numbers (ICICI Bank as well as State Bank of India) alongwith details to be sent for first time activations and activation renewals of existing clients are mentioned in this document.

Important Note : You will receive an auto-responder immediately to confirm receipt of your message. In case you do not see the same in your mailbox, check your SPAM folder and move it to your inbox first. This will ensure that you will receive all future mails from this email id. In case you do not receive auto-responder in 5 minutes, check if you have written correct email id while sending your subscription details.

Once the payment is done, download the Activation Request Form and mail us same at

We generally activate accounts in 4-6 hours during working days / hours after confirmation of payment at our end. However it will be safe to assume that this process takes 24 hours and plan accordingly. On weekends, it may further delay activations. If you do not receive our mail with subject : Activation Details  for ACE Nifty Futures Trading System !! even after 24 hours, you may contact us over email. Also do check your SPAM folder in case our mail does not land in your inbox.

What Next ?

Download fully-functional Trial Version of ACE Nifty Futures Trading System.
The installer includes latest AmiBroker Trial version and same will be installed first if AmiBroker is not already installed on your computer. AmiBroker installation is skipped if AmiBroker is already installed on your computer.

Important Note : Download page will open only if you are a registered user of this website and logged in before clicking on the link above. Registration with our website is absolutely FREE.

Click Here to register  (opens in new window).
If you are already registered, Click Here to log in
(opens in new window).

Do not forget to see online Help Section(opens in new window).

Version Change Log :

From Version 2.3 to 2.4 (Date :07 .01.2015)

  • Major Security Update

From Version 2.2 to 2.3 (Date :23 .07.2014)

  • Compatibility with AmiBroker 5.80 is established.

From Version 2.1 to 2.2 (Date :11 .06.2014)

  • Major Security Update

From Version 2.0 to 2.1
(Date :08 .01.2014)

  • Compatibility with latest AmiBroker (5.70 RC1 as of now) is established.
    Update : ACE-NTS is compatible with AmiBroker 5.70 Official Release 32 bit.
  • Important Security Update

From Version 1.9 to 2.0 (Date :06 .06.2013)

  • Important Security Update

From Version 1.8 to 1.9 (Date :06 .12.2012)

  • Compatibility with AmiBroker 5.60.3 Official Release is established.

From Version 1.7 to 1.8 (Date :03 .07.2012)

  • Run Count was decreased by 2 on each run during trial - fixed.

From Version 1.6 to 1.7 (Date :23 .06.2012)

  • Security Update.

From Version 1.5 to 1.6 (Date : 08.04.2012)

  • Compatibility with AmiBroker 5.5 Official Release is established.
  • Internal Improvements. Major Security Update.

From Version 1.4 to 1.5 (Date : 04.01.2012)

  • Compatibility with forthcoming AmiBroker 5.5 (Release Candidate) is established.
  • System gives warning if incorrect symbol and timeframe is selected.
  • Internal Improvements. Major Security Update.

From Version 1.3 to 1.4 (Date : 04.01.2011)

Internal Improvements. Major Security Update.

From Version 1.2 to 1.3 (Date : 06.09.2010)

ACE-NTS asked for re-activation every time – even for registered users. It is fixed in this version.

From Version 1.1 to 1.2 (Date : 04.05.2010)

Some compatibility issues were detected on 64-bit Operating Systems which were preventing automatic update notification on some systems. They are now rectified. ACE Nifty Futures Trading System now works in AmiBroker running on Windows 7 (32 bit / 64 bit), Vista (32 bit / 64 bit), Windows Server 2008 (32 bit / 64 bit), Windows XP (32 bit / 64 bit), Windows ME, 98, 95 Operating Systems.

From Version 1.0 to 1.1
(Date : 22.04.2010)

  • ACE Nifty Futures Trading System is now compatible with newly launched 5.30 version of AmiBroker. Now it works on version 5.30 as well as 5.20 of AmiBroker Standard, Professional as well as Ultimate Pack Pro.
  • New option to close daily position is added.
  • Manual Voice Alert added. Now whenever a signal triggers in AmiBroker, you can actually hear from your speakers in manual voice something like “Buy Signal Triggered in Nifty-I at 5343.23”.
  • When the signal triggers on any candle, voice and audio alerts continue for the entire candle every time data comes in AmiBroker. At times this becomes annoying. Now users can set time frequency in seconds for audio and manual voice alerts.
  • Auto Update feature is added. Now whenever new version of ACE Nifty Futures Trading System is available, the user will be automatically notified and the update will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  • The trial now works for 7 calendar days / 25 runs
  • Other minor fixes.
For detailed change log and explanation, please download and read latest User Guide from latest User Guide

Background :

As a trader, I was personally overwhelmed when I got AmiBroker in hand few years back. Before AmiBroker, I had tried many free as well as expensive charting softwares but knew that something was amiss. Personally as a trader, I found AmiBroker as a very flexible and powerful platform at affordable price. So I started using it as a trader.

Later on when I started selling AmiBroker in India, I faced a slightly different scenario. Flexibility, which is the strength of AmiBroker (thanks to AFL - AmiBroker Formula Language), was becoming a problem for many. People were looking for quick solutions to their problems,  they wanted something readymade to trade with. Many were happy with the AFL that they get in AFL Library at or AFLs discussed at public forums. But that was not giving confidence to trade for some traders. Their purpose of 'all-in-one' Trading System which takes care of their investment by protecting their capital first and penalizes drawdowns, was not available to them.

All along this time, we were listening to the needs of the people and decided to give them a Trading System that they can trade on. When we asked traders what was the single most important feature that they want in this system, there were mixed answers but predominently, people wanted to protect their initial capital and generated profits as their first priority.  With reduced brokerages, multiple entries was not their main concern but they wanted to reduce their unnecessarily high number of positions on a flat day. Keeping these things as well as other feedbacks in mind, we chose Nifty Current Month Futures as Symbol and decided 5minute as timeframe to trade in.

spent lot of time in tweaking AmiBroker as per the requirements and designed so many Trading Strategies. Some of these trading strategies worked in a particular time-frame, some had good entries but bad exits, so on and so forth. Finally, after spending almost 3 months writing, testing, optimizing, fine-tuning and checking (Again, all reasearch done by using AmiBroker ALONE), I came out with this product, ACE Nifty Futures Trading System.

Since this works on 5-min time-frame, you don't need an astrologer to tell that it is not meant for long term holding. Average holding period is not more than 1-2 days. This was so because it is designed with day-trader in mind who wants to cut down on his losses as much as possible and protect the generated profit. To minimize entries, we could have designed a system to work in a higher time-frame but in that case, losses cannot be as less as we have in 5min time frame (0.7% of 1 lot value presently). It simply means that only if you lose for 142 times in continuation (without a single profit trade), your total capital will be wiped out (brokerage  and leverage given by broker is not considered). According to me, this single most valuable feature will give you confidence to trade this system.

- Abhay Deshpande
  CEO and Developer of this Trading System

Our Views :

This system is NOT a magic formula which will work in ANY time-frame, or on ANY symbol and can generate UNREALISTIC PROFITS. It works only for ONE symbol (NSE Nifty - current month futures) and in 5min time-frame ONLY. It is not that it does not show signals / generate profits for other symbols / other time-frames but the consistency of Equity Curve and % returns differ a lot. 

We know every trader is different. His psyche, symbol & time-frame traded is different, so also their expectations from such a trading system. We would expect every trial user to go through this entire page as well as the User Guide and observe working of the system during trial period. The trial period is for testing the features and robustness as well as the utility value of the system. You can backtest the system, check the trades in the past, etc.. It may / may not generate profit for you in the trial period.

We have found that this system consistently generates profits regardless of Bull or Bear phase. However in choppy market conditions (as we can see from January 09 to March 09 - the longest period of indecisive market phase of Nifty so far), the system DID NOT generate profits; However, it was able to PROTECT THE CAPITAL to a significant extent.

The only thing we will now expect from the trader is to fire when signal is triggered on the chart. When the candle is complete and next candle is started with just completed candle showing any signal, we want you to pull the trigger. You may will have to take losses, sometimes in series. But do not forget to see the larger picture too i.e. the Equity Curve for 90 months (October 2005 to
March 2013). You can be a winner ONLY IF you take all calls. You CANNOT be selective.  You have to train yourself to trade mechanically removing your own perceptions from trading. Consider this as the biggest hurdle in your path.

Feedback :

We would love to hear from you about whatever you think about this product. Be it suggestions, problems, complaints, just whatever. Please mail us at

Disclaimer :

Please note that WE ARE NOT FINANCIAL ADVISORS and we DO NOT offer individualized or any sort of recommendations for buying and selling in equities / securities / shares of any sort. Please make sure you read our Disclaimer thoroughly and completely before making a decision to try / buy ACE Nifty Futures Trading System.

By visiting and browing our website, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.
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